Christian Houge / Residence of Impermanence: COMING SOON

13 October - 13 November 2022

Every burning of a taxidermy (animal) is both a sacrifice and a deliverance. It is a violent act, but also a strange one when one sees what these man-made structures are made of. One could say it is a conclusion. The conclusion of the cycle of this particular animal, both existential and physical.

Human conscience, belonging to nature, alienation and destruction. All this and much more has come into the focus of Norwegian photographer Christian Houge. His blatant exhibition of photographs, taxidermy objects and video projections aims to create a dialogue not only between people, but also with ourselves. He doesn't want to preach. He doesn't want to persuade. He does not want to blame. He wants to ask questions to which we may perhaps find the answer deep inside ourselves.