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June 18, 2022

If it's taken the wrong way. And that happens a lot. Coupled with inflated prices, the market situation, and specific cases of digital images being sold as NFT for astronomical sums, many professionals and the public have been given the impression that NFT is a " craze" for which they can't/won't be sympathetic.

We don't want to get into a discussion with you about the nature of the market and the speculative value of contemporary art. Our goal is to convince you that the power and possibilities of monetizing previously neglected modes of creation by transforming them into "NFT" can and does make sense. You don't have to love blockchain or a specific kind of coin, or even believe in the (frankly incomplete) openness and democracy of these technologies. We want you to think of using technology as opening up a new field of arts and crafts.

Whether you're a fan or not, the online digital footprint of the real world continues to grow. So it's worth filling it with content that makes sense.
The core content of the digital world is an exact replica of reality. Online versions of books you love, accurate google maps, all kinds of photos of places and objects you can find on the internet. The most perfect kind of copies of places and objects is created with the help of 3D scans. There are dozens of ways to use them: a 3D Eiffel Tower scan can be appreciated by a tourist enthusiast from the other side of the world, an architecture student or a member of a game/film studio who sets this scan in a new digital world - a movie or a game. An artist can go one step further - transforming it into something (in color or composition) completely different.

We have been thinking in a similar way about digitizing the BUŠIDÓ collection! It is now protected from the adversity of time and will be preserved for future generations as a source of cultural identity. People, history enthusiasts and curious children all over the world can now theoretically find and view these exhibits in a quality that even a photograph or a video would not suffice. Furthermore, it is possible that gaming enthusiasts will one day see parts of this collection in a new version of the samurai epic quest. And almost at the bottom of this list of possible uses for 3D scanning is our NFT exhibit - i.e. creative augmented reality.

By purchasing an "NFT" you are supporting a far-reaching and important project to preserve cultural heritage for future generations around the world. With this technology, we as humanity would never have lost the treasures of the Library of Alexandria, we could accurately rebuild the ruins of the Acropolis of Athens and rebuild the vanished wonder of the world - the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

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