Matěj Macháček ČR, b. 1992

Matěj Macháček was born in Uherské Hradiště (Czech Republic). Today he lives and works between Prague and Taiwan. Macháček's work combines traditional european painting techniques with a vibrant energy of intensive colors, influenced by his personal experience of a tropical island residency.
In 2015 Macháček began now his established proces of large-scale paintings on paper which are then glued onto stretched canvases. Self-portraits walking in the landscapes, intimate still-life, his grandparent's rain boots and gloves all become a juxtaposition of past times and the present. He use of symbols-rose flower field, decorated bow, military backpack, stuffed fox, horse, or dry bush-creates a variety of personal iconography that he builds next to the paintings from his travels. Partly decorative, the motives of tropical landscapes painted directly from the rooftops consistently capture an authentic atmosphere and vibrant energy and is emphasized by merging a rhythmic contrast of dry painted brushstrokes and blurred colorful surface. Everything happens urgently and intuitively.
Macháček leads a diologue, not directly with himself, but with the spirit of accelerating contemporary times. The artist idiosyncratically presents us his own experience through the painting medium and the motives of figurative, landscape and still-life.