Pop up Radka Bodzewicz - Signal festival

13 - 17 October 2021

We cordially invite you to a pop-up exhibition by one of our core artist: Radka Bodzewciz. "On Edge" is a multimedial exposition with light projection and VR.

For the first time in Bold, visitors can really afford to immerse themselves in the experience and become part of the painting - in virtual reality. Visitors will have access to VR glasses, in which they will experince a scene created by Radka Bodzewicz, mapping the origin and extinction, birth and destruction - of humanity, man - which is the motif dominating the whole cycle of paintings, dominated by a triptych called "Ragnarok", ie the Nordic variant non-definitive apocalypse.
For the painting "Ragnarok" Radka created a light projection, which projects selected rays of light onto the painting and thus adds several other dimensions and variants to it. The "Lightform" projector, which is not yet available on the Czech market, is used for this purpose.

The exhibition is part of the accompanying program of the Signal Festival. If you start or end the signal route in Holešovice, the light rays should lead you to us :)




"The title of the new exhibition refers to the ambiguity and complexity of defining the work of the intermedia artist Radka Bodzewicz. Her work occupies the space between reality and abstraction. Her motifs oscillate between the sacred and the everyday. Her expression moves between ornament and intuition. Her emotion fluctuates between the experience of beauty and something terrifying. She seeks inspiration in such disparate sources as medieval illumination and post-apocalyptic primitivism. And her presentation also lies partly in ordinary reality and partly in virtual reality." - Radek Wohlmuth, curator