Lenka Černota: Vlčina

18 August - 26 September 2020

Lenka Černota’s largest solo exhibition to date focuses on wolves, a subject that recurs frequently in her work. Vlčina, an obscure word used here to mean something like “wolfness” in English, could refer to the strong smell of wolf, the musky odor that reveals the hidden presence of the animal, or it could mean an imaginary pelt which one can wrap oneself in and gaze at the world through the eyes of a wolf. The gallery space is transformed into a territory, both a home and a hunting ground at once. Černota, a graduate of Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts, presents her intensely colorful large-format paintings, often executed without a brush, but rather directly with her hands, layered and deeply scratched. Her “wolf” canvases, scrawled with intimate notes from the past five years, are anchored in the present. Executed in highly individualistic mixed media, they often examine the blurred boundary between the cultivated and the animalistic within each of us. The artist even sent some of the canvases to “live” in the forest. The project is accompanied by a catalogue with texts by exhibition curator Radek Wohlmuth.